Robert Ryan Jennings

Experienced software and mobile application developer since 2007. Efficient and quality based solution expert. Breadth of knowledge in programming languages and best practices, focusing on Android, Kotlin, architecture and penetration testing. Passionate about fullstack, devops and linux.

Employment History

Atimi Software

Sep 2021 - Present

Native Android Developer, Independent Lead

Vancouver, Canada
  • Implementing client projects in native Android using Kotlin, Flow, Compose, Redux, and Clean Architecture
  • Learning and applying best security practices for penetration testing using Frida, JEB and Burp
  • Helping drive sprint features and agile processes

Cocoflo Innovations

Aug 2020 - Dec 2020

Contract Software Engineer, Python Backend Developer

Vancouver, Canada
  • Contracted to help backend team develop APIs for invoicing
  • Helped dockerize components and create staging and test environments in AWS
  • Provided feedback, bugs, design inputs, and documentation, and general experience

Cvent Canada (QuickMobile)

Jul 2015 - Jul 2020

Software Engineer II, Mobile Applications

Vancouver / Fredericton, Canada / Remote
  • Successfully implemented OnArrival dashboards module in react-native/redux
  • Effectively developed and maintained iOS/Swift features with a remote team
  • Participated in React-Native/Redux/Couchbase pilot project for live polling with PowerPoint integration
  • Implemented new quickmobile platform android components such as beacons (Bluetooth LE) winning the 2017 Wireless Innovation Award and acquisition by Cvent
  • Pro-actively fixed memory leaks, security issues, unit tests, and suggested architecture improvements
  • Gained experience in supporting tablets, screen resolutions, and varying device platforms
  • Participated in iterative Agile/SCRUM with retrospectives, sprint/program increment planning, demos, and bug bashes

Linux Magic, Wizard Tower IT Services

Apr 2015 - Jul 2015

Software Engineer, Linux Developer

Vancouver, Canada
  • Effectively developed applications using C, VIM, PostgreSQL, Perl, Virtual Machine Sandboxes, Shell Scripting, time tracking, SMTP in an Agile environment
  • Successfully maintained open-source mail server and anti-spam solution in C, Postfix, and Squirrel frontend
  • Ported research and development prototype from Perl to C and implement
  • Increased knowledge of Vim and Linux and participated in compile-your-own raspberry pi quake tournament

ePACT Network

Jul 2013 - Apr 2015

Software Engineer, Java Backend, Mobile and Automation

Vancouver, Canada
  • Successfully lead development of native mobile mobile applications in iOS/ObjC and Android/Java
  • Participated in developing Java Enterprise backend features and mobile services (Tomcat/Servlets/MySQL)
  • Applied knowledge to fixing CSRF and XSS security issues, successfully improved PDF rendering
  • Architected dynamic data based UI from JSON in mobile database sync
  • Lead development of dynamic JSON based testing automation framework for web and mobile (Selenium/Appium)


Apr 2011 - Jul 2013

Mobile Application Developer

Vancouver, Canada
  • Successfully developed applications using Java Mobile Edition, SQL, Android, and iOS
  • Worked effectively in small agile teams with a client-focused environment
  • Took initiative on developing reusable platform features integrated into product team
  • Helped the company win BCTIA emerging startup of the year

Panoramic Software Inc.

Nov 2010 - Apr 2011

Contract Developer, Mobile Applications

White Rock, Canada
  • Ported several popular Windows Mobile (PALM/C++) applications to Windows Phone (C#) using Visual Studio
  • Successfully used Xamarin cross-platform framework to target windows applications to iOS
  • Researched and successfully developed modules to import C/C++ libraries and quickly ramped up on XAML, Silverlight, and API consumption
  • Met contract milestones ahead of schedule and joined the team for a trip to the Microsoft campus in Seattle

Novax Industries

Dec 2007 - Nov 2010

Quality Assurance, Software Developer

Annacis Island, Canada
  • Successfully designed a test plan for embedded systems including test cases, clear/opaque box testing, stress testing, performance testing, manual testing, and automated testing
  • Performed test cases, maintained bug reports, SQL analysis, and signed off on release regressions
  • Created scalable virtual machine environments, vehicle testing, supported debugging, and documentation
  • Successfully developed new features for embedded systems using C, GPIO, and GPS
  • Successfully released two pilot projects to Vancouver Translink and the City of Chicago
  • Effectively worked with contractors to architect configuration app for pedestrian controls over ZigBee wireless

Association for Community Living

Jan 2005 - Dec 2005

Database Developer, Data Entry

Langley, Canada
  • Successfully developed a database frontend to SQL Server using VBA/Visual Basic
  • Worked with internal stakeholders to identify data entry needs and performed initial data migration as testing


Owner / CTO / Entrepreneur

North Vancouver, Canada
  • Successfully released simple microservice, Slack, and progressive web app
  • Prototyped an indexable and queryable NoSQL extension to PostgreSQL and SQLite3
  • Architected an efficient change-only mobile synchronization SDK and protocol over MQTT
  • Prototyped Android turn-based game using AI (Kotlin, Hilt, Espresso) with React Native rewrite
  • Developed backend infrastructure production and laboratory services (Ansible, Docker, VPS, Proxy)
  • Prototyped and retired a chat application in Erlang/Elixir/Phoenix/WebSockets and MongoDB
  • Improved knowledge of Golang, CI, BDD testing and full-stack development
  • Developed modular embedded project tooling, performed architecture and business plan research

Meals on Wheels

Jan 2004 - Dec 2004

Web Developer

Langley, Canada
  • Developed applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Successfully re-branded, upgraded, and adding content to a simpler website

Game Developer

1998 - 2003

Backend Developer, Open Source

Langley / Toronto / Alaska, Canada / Remote
  • Effectively developed and maintained a server application using C, Linux, RFC 854/VT100, client-server networking, HTML/CSS, and more
  • Successfully added features like global quests, HUD/Automap, pathfinding, social and combat etc
  • Achieved an online presence with a peak average of 100 players and learned more about coding and hosting from online friends
  • Has taken many rewrites over the years to learn various technologies like Hibernate ORM or MongoDB


References available upon request
❝ Ryan was a great asset to our team. He has deep technical knowledge and the ability to quickly learn on the fly. He was given the difficult task of building Android and iOS apps with very little requirements. He was able to spearhead the whole project alone, including requirements gathering, to get the apps done on time. He also worked closely with QA to ensure the apps were backed by a full automated test suite. ❞ - Scott MacRitchie, CTO, ePACT Network