Sandbox Demo

A utility from Micrantha for creating reusable isolated development environments.

This is basically an easy to use abstraction around docker with some extra perks.

  • file synchronization that follows symlinks
  • keep package manager and system dependencies isolated from host
  • reusable state that can also be persisted as a ‘sandcastle’ for other sandboxes
  • consistent user file permissions with the host
  • better time tracking with taskwarrior timewarrior scripts
  • write it how I would want it (did not like other tools)

    {{ }} If you have mastered [mouseless programming]( for whatever reason you will like this tool. If not, it is a good reason to try coding in [neovim]( The [language server protocol]( from Microsoft makes it like a full lightweight IDE these days. I have decided to [release to source]( as a profile building opportunity if you would like to check it out or contribute (I reserve the right to change my mind). --- Alternatives: * [sandboxctl](