Blockchain Mesh Networks

Using the blockchain mesh network routers allow freedom and payments.

The underlying core of bitcoin, the blockchain is a system that can be applied to a variety of uses.

One particular disruptive use, that is not mentioned on the wiki, is mesh networks.

Like AI, nanotech or self driving cars, the technology has it’s criticisms of being advantageous to criminals (IMHO the lesser of evils).


The idea and benefits are simple enough:

  1. a hardware router/device that shares a network
  2. blockchain network protocols system software
  3. network payments and transactions free of the internet
  4. boundary expanded for the internet of things (IoT) devices
  5. self-forming and healing networks
  6. get paid for expanding the network
  7. local communities cut out the middleman


If you know the Open Systems Interconnections (OSI) model, the blockchain mesh network focuses on layers 1-3 (the physical, data link and network).


If you are curious check these providers and their whitepapers. It will take a lot of adoption to get going, hence this blog post.


Has the most interesting modular mesh device and mobile app in my opinion.


Another blockchain mesh system that uses firmware installs on existing commercial routers.

A p2p mesh protocol making good progress in cooperative with meshbox as a device/router.


A router device for mesh networks for next generation Huawei and Cisco technologies.

Theta Token

A similar technology focusing on p2p networks for video processing.

Shows that the mesh tech can be broken down for a specific use case.