June 25, 2020

git notes as a storage mechanism

a small blurb on using git notes for versioning
git version notes

October 2, 2019

12 Bar Blues

A gentle introduction to the 12 bar blues.
music blues lessons

July 5, 2019

Mirroring git with jenkins

A short look at automating git repository mirroring.
git mirror jenkins

February 7, 2019

A self hosting journey

Setting up your own cloud services
self-hosting hosting docker cloud services server

January 12, 2019

What I've Learned from 4 Years of Eckhart Tolle

a paraphrasing of eckhart tolle's teachings
enlightenment eckhart tolle spirituality ego suffering

November 5, 2018

Favourite 'nixisms

A log of what I ❤️ about Unix type systems.
linux unix favourite log