Gerty: A Portrait
Portrait (Ana Kao version)
Rose Blades
Flow Woman
Osterich Tribe
Owl of Me (Me-Owl)
Osterich Portrait
Crumby Quacker
Gertrude: Don't be Rude
Stuntman Missing Noah's Ark
Moth of Her (mother)
Stardum: Moon Eating
Black Hole Brain Flower
Dinosaurus, Rock, Sex Transfusion
Droid, Card, Watercolour
Greek Upside Down Smile Pi
Penelopy: A Rough Trade
Clouds, Card, Watercolour
Brain Casing, Cracked
Freedom of Self Baggage
Joker and the Thief
Can, but Nada
Life for Breakfast
Treble Clef: Art in itself
Happiness in Apocolypse
The Other Side
Imp Ear, Real