(Robert) Ryan Jennings

@ryjen | @rybertjen | @entrobert

  • A multipotentialite residing in North Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Cismale, hetero, middle aged, minimalist
  • Singleton, animal parent
  • Enjoys making music (guitar, bass, jazz blues)
  • Technologist, software engineer, follows the singularity
  • Reads psychology and spirituality
  • Plays hockey, hikes, bike rides and kayaks

Gertrude "Gerty" Jennings

@GertTheCat | @Gertrude | @Grrrty

  • Helps catch bugs, moths and chase away ravens
  • Cannot figure out where the red dot comes from
  • Great singer, very vocal, enjoys catnip
  • Will get in a rude mood with no food
  • Resides in the cat tree hammock or the catio
  • Middle aged, wears white boots and white bib
  • Contributes dark matter for the space ship