The Dead Triplets

Created: September 5, 2020

This post could about music theory and rhythm, such as the triplet guitar riffs in invincible

But this about a single chapter, in a single book from the swamp. It is probably already a more influential book than I realize, from which I quote liberally and implicitly.

As monks say, the soul is wet (thus presumably messy) and a dry soul is lacking life.


Our society emphasizes the external [1]

And the dead triplets of depression, desuetude and despair

Lurking in the shadows [2],

Waiting for us to falter and become theirs.

the depression triplet

It is a 3 headed beast,

One head is reactive to the world of form,

Another head originates from our internal body [3],

And another head originates from your mind.

The entire beast may breed and pass its self on

if your conflict with it is strong.

defeating the depression triplet

Defeating this 3 headed monster you must use your axe

to cut the heads off into the past, future and present

Then you are able to lose identities that may exist in the past or future

and in the power of the present moment, you can choose how you feel.

To face, value or respect the depression beast

and to not distract ourselves away from its misery

takes great courage.

the desuetude triplet

Energy lost from the depression triplet still exists,

accumulating to create another monster.

The desuetude triplet is an unseen ghost-like spirit,

that autonomously, and unknown to us, drains our spirit.

It does not approve of how our ego is investing our energy

and brings a progressive withdraw of enthusiasm or desire.

defeating the ghost

To defeat the spirit, you must recognize the lost energy

in service to something that is not your true nature.

Then you may be able to choose differently or accept what already is.

At its peak of energy drain you are

obliged by a conditioned reward

to putting energy into a soulless task

and feeling shame if you are not productive.

the despair triplet

When the drained energy of desuetude has accumulated even more… the third triplet arrives.

The despair triplet is a shadow beast with giant consuming jaws.

It makes the soul want to end the agony of ambiguity

by fleeing into its jaws, becoming it,

preferring the horror known, over the horror imagined.

When the despair triplet consumes you

it manifests either as tragedy, an active suffering

or its opposite, a pathetic victimage and a passive suffering.

defeating the shadow beast

To defeat the despair beast, one must not deny the suffering

while retaining the modest dignity of parts of humanity

and suffer through toward whatever awaits

beyond the dead triplets [4].

other triplet non-cents

The winged harpies of stigma are a constant barrage

of fatigued, angry and insincere guilt

while exploring the swamp.

They live above the swamp and are not of it

but neither are they of this world.

The solitude and angst from an absent family,

and ultimately, the lost society that created them,

One may be forced to make friends with the dead triplets.

Attempting a rite of passage,

that does not involve betraying,

one’s true consciousness.

In the distorted reality of an addictive search for unmitigated happiness,

one who finds the truth in surviving the dead triplets

is conflicted between an opportunity for a richer life,

and the reality of how estranged

they still are in the world of form.

Success can be experienced as a trap,

when the soul longs to explore or create,

and will likely run directly into

angst defended by guilt

with a difficult choice:

anxiety or depression.

As sleep serves healing of the body, or a pain flags a wound

Jungians see depression as a balance and healing of the psyche or a signal of something profoundly wrong.

The use of imagination or art to activate

unconscious repressed material into consciousness

helps the psyche heal and move on.

[1] like the roman empire at the peak of its greedy violent orgy of obsession of external self

[2] the shadow cast from the light of positivity, shadow self

[3] internal feelings, state or pain

[4] like being shadow beast excrement

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