Myths Fading, Direction of Evolution

Created: July 7, 2020

Remembering a concept from the book Sapiens (paraphrasing):

Ape hierarchy only existed in small groups with a limit (150 or so) with a dominant leader (alpha). This applies to humans as well, but we were able so surpass the threshold with myths and better communication.

And the definition of ego by ET 👽:

A complete and total identification with form as who you are - a thought form or a physical form.


It is apparent that human communication keeps improving on a logarithmic scale, starting with cave drawings, language, writing, phone, tv, internet, etc.

In the last century to today we have seen communication grow with technology.

Artificial intelligence and 5g seem to promise faster and more consumable data for communication


The strength of the ego and other collective myths that enabled us to survive without much communication, is ironically somewhat diminished with more of it.

The more interconnected we become the more we cannot ignore previously unseen problems or rely on physical borders to keep out change.

Most of the dysfunction we see happening today is the unconscious reaction to strengthen the diminishing ego (we know not what we do!).

We have been a witness to the horrors of multiple global wars in just the latest century.


The choices in evolution:

  • continue to strengthen the egoic collectives and myths

  • recognize it, and as not who we are or unnecessary

It is getting better (ego diminishing) and worse (reaction) at the same time, as 👽 puts it.

Institutions and countries seem to either:

  • transfer the ownership to its people in avoidance, who are no different so same problem and more justification of the collective as self.

  • rule with a heavy hand and attempt to manage ownership themselves, so same problem and more of a split that justifies a heavy hand.


We are on a tight rope in a circus of humanity. A balancing act trying not to annihilate ourselves.

The next evolution in human communication may be more disruptive than AI or 5g with nanotechnology.

My personal opinion is that continuing to try and strengthen fragile cathedral like myths and institutions is dangerous and futile. Serving only personal or collective identities.

Apple’s 2014 slogan “You are more powerful than you think” is an interesting one.

It starts with your self, the micro-universe. A less sociopathic self is conducive to a less insane macro-universe. The goal being to be less at the mercy of form to define who you are and your state of consciousness. The less the need of form, the less dysfunction.

Earth deserves better for keeping us, evolve!

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